Wednesday, April 15, 2009

While procrastinating.

So I am speed writing a paper on Dali and inadvertently go on the internet and manage to find this really nifty site called googlism. I searched my name on it and procured these results:

maria is hopeful?
maria is a mystery
maria is in heat for how long???
maria is driving down the road in her car singing genie in a
maria is
maria is crowned by her director
maria is in the dellapenna lab
maria is cracking me
maria is a devout catholic
maria is spying on the court in the position of a
maria is accepted once again as a
maria is just waking up
maria is in 5th grade
maria is a single mexican woman from hermosillo
maria island
maria is getting a penis of her boyfriend into her asshole and
maria is hopeful"
maria is everywhere
maria is driving down the road in her car singing genie in a bottle by christina aguilera
maria is irie by blackcat1000
maria is greeted by 2 marines at cherry point marine base
maria is cracking me up right about now
maria is crowned rose
maria is getting a penis of her boyfriend into her asshole and lola is rubbing her clit by the fingers
maria is 3 and 3/4
maria is baptized in the church of san francesco in corinaldo
maria is a chicken maria is a chicken maria is a chicken
maria is the home of the elks rodeo
maria is best experienced in her "live" performances
maria is a very exiting islands to visit
maria is going to
maria is spying on the court in the position of a waiting lady
maria is accepted once again as a priestess
maria is trying to better understand conditions in the shoe market and she asks you for help
maria is a broadcasting initiative
maria is a residential community specializing in the clinical treatment of children and families of children who are suffering from attachment
maria is in a special fifth grade class that is just for hearing impaired children
maria is a self
maria is a long
maria is only 8 years old now
maria is accredited by the joint commission on accreditation of healthcare organizations and is licensed by the state department of health and mental
maria is a executive secretary
maria is available with or without exotic animals and has the costumes to fit any theme and bring a nonstop
maria is a 12
maria is moored below lock 22e in slaithwaite
maria is a 15 year
maria is left out of aaa guidebook
maria is a
maria is located at the feet of a vertical rock called la penna and extends into the shallow floodplain of the sangro
maria is one of new zealand?s leading winemakers
maria is married to robert faulkner
maria is one of eleven brothers and sisters
maria is by far the kookiest
maria is a large rainforest canopy tree
maria is a beautiful texture
maria is interested in the following activities
maria is born
maria is a reachability analyzer for concurrent systems that uses algebraic system nets
maria is currently listed for a second liver transplant
maria is simple but crucial to understanding the origins of its name
maria is a dark liqueur
maria is a popular place for family gatherings with bbq's available for cookouts and a day of fun and play on the tampa bay side of the
maria is still in love with connor but maria is lizs best bud
maria is a bad cook
maria is well known for her assessment of the interaction between economic policy and political trends and their effect on investment returns
maria is arrested
maria is to wed a rich german banker
maria is its residential character
maria is the most beautiful
maria is a high
maria is important as a catalyst that institutes anarchy into the structured world of the working class
maria is the current ''european ladies figureskating champion
maria is fascinated from basketball
maria is also the first latin
maria is organized to make this closeness most effective and efficient in rendering services to its people
maria is more massive then ever
maria is more aggressive than arnold
maria is a channeled artist because the only the 'brush' for these beautiful paintings
maria is natuuroma
maria is considered more economically priced than nearby neighbors'
maria is seeking applicants for the position of building official
maria is 68 degrees
maria is a featured guest on the piece "the secret life of maria k"
maria is the only other adult that james meets who is actually sane
maria is represents everything james wanted in a wife
maria is five about them apples?

Listening to Django Reinhardt, my love.

A collection from 1947:

and if that's not enough (which for me it never is), here is some more:

Djangology- Gipsy Genius:

While you download you should look at this double image, by the one and only Dali:

The Great Paranoiac, 1936

Monday, April 6, 2009

Can't sleep.

I wish teleportation existed.

To Sleep

O soft embalmer of the still midnight,
Shutting, with careful fingers and benign,
Our gloom-pleas'd eyes, embower'd from the light,
Enshaded in forgetfulness divine:
O soothest Sleep! if so it please thee, close
In midst of this thine hymn my willing eyes,
Or wait the "Amen," ere thy poppy throws
Around my bed its lulling charities.
Then save me, or the passed day will shine
Upon my pillow, breeding many woes,--
Save me from curious Conscience, that still lords
Its strength for darkness, burrowing like a mole;
Turn the key deftly in the oiled wards,
And seal the hushed Casket of my Soul.

- Keats.

Now listen to this, because it will most definitely mellow you out and put sleep and relaxation on your mind:

Castanets- City of Refuge:

Folksy, not in the irritating kind of way.

Azeda Booth- Tubtrek:

Electronic, Dream pop, experimental. Leaves you with a good feeling all around.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I woke up today at 1pm the first thing I realized was that it was finally spring and therefore alright to wear crazy jumpers and sit on my fire escape drinking coffee.

Listening to Dan Deacon, Bob Dylan circa 1965 and Ducktails
Cheque it ouutt:
Dan Deacon- Bromst:
This album will turn any insane person sane, probably one of the best albums of 2009. Next to Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Swan Lake and Decemberists. 2009 has proven itself to be an awesome music year so far.

Bob Dylan- Highway 61 Revisited:
One of my personal favorite Dylan albums, featuring Like a Rolling Stone and Ballad of a Thin Man. Awesome to listen to over a cup of coffee and killer salad.

Ducktails- II c30:
If you like lo-fi, electro, surf type, psychedelic music. This is the solo project of Matt Mondanile, who plays with Real Estate. Listening to this album will mellow out even the most spastic people, like a true musical opiate.

Now go run around.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Damn you, Carracci brothers.

Why are you so confusing?!

Ludovico & Annibale

I choose Naturalism any day:

You make me giggle.

Listening to:
Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation

Monday, March 2, 2009


Don't you wish that instead of rushing to get things done, time would just stop and allow you to move at your own pace, maybe not move at all.
I was watching a special on the History channel the other day about Nostradamus and his prophesies in relation to Mayan and Egyptian beliefs. I'm not going to get into it but according to this documentary there will be a cataclysmic event (galactic alignment) in 2012 that will end all life as we know it. Although I personally believe that this is bullshit, and that the History channel is a cesspool of conspiracy theories, it was interesting to watch and wonder why we continue to worry about meaningless things if we only have 4 years until we die. Why not just forget responsibility and live each day as if it were our last. Today I almost bought a airplane ticket to Dublin, I don't know why I stopped myself. In the greater scope of things $300 is nothing, and an adventure in Ireland is worth everything.
Why do we stop ourselves from following our desires?
I'm making a decision to stop controlling myself. Not worth it.

Listening to:
Au Revoir Simone- The Bird of Music
(The lead singer has a lovely voice, and the songs are melodic and soothing)

Georges de la Tour- Madonna at the Mirror

One of my favorite paintings, I love the placidity of the image. The memento mori is a nice touch.

And so it starts...

Painting: Breugel, hunters in the snow

I thought that given my serious addiction to blogs and music in general I might as well start my own. This blog will pay homage not only to my musical escapades but also my somewhat non- sequitur train of thought. Perhaps when I gain access to a scanner I will be able to post my art on this as well, in theory that would be awesome, although I am not too sure on how avid I will be in my scanner pursuit ...we'll see.
In any case, enjoy.
On a side note, all the music files that I post are purely for sampling purposes. If you are a decent human being, which I hope that you are, you will actually go out and purchase whatever album you really fall in love with.

What I have been listening to today:
- Hot Snakes- Automatic Midnight
(Some people like coffee in the morning, I prefer Hot Snakes for my bolt of energy)

- Deerhunter- Microcastle
(Words cannot explain how happy this album makes me. For those who enjoy Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective, this is a sure fire hit)

- A Certain Ratio- Early CD 1 and 2
(think of them as the musical spawn of Joy Division and James Brown)

- Mansun- Six
(really prog-rock and psych influenced, the album was totally underrated when it was first released which is a shame since the tunes and lyrics are eclectic and awesome)

And since it was a snow day:
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

mmm... so good with some hot tea